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A brief description of Network High School Youth Ministry

In the rush of obligations, schedules, and events, it’s hard just to find time to sit down for supper as a family!  Imagine getting a whole bunch of youth together for one night. Their schedules would never allow it. They days of “Youth Group on a Sunday night with a leader who plays guitar” are long gone.  Now, the object of youth ministry must be relationship, relationship, relationship. When youth culture is so filled with depression, loneliness, and suicide the church needs to work with households and respond by networking students with peers, mentors, congregational sponsors, spiritual leaders, and Jesus.  

Network ministry starts with connecting and getting to know students.  The next step is to help students establish their own support groups, activities, and gatherings while working to incorporate youth into the life of the congregation.  Then, with the help of energetic college mentors, supporting congregational sponsors, integrated parents, and caring spiritual leaders we practice Apostleship together.  As the Lutheran Church we are good at Discipleship training. Disciples follow Jesus… and it is good to follow Jesus… but we are resurrection people and the followers of Jesus are always called apostles after the resurrection.  Apostles carry on the message and ministry of Jesus in how they live and breath. Youth ministry, after all, is not one more extracurricular for high school students, but a key foundational time to equip students for departure into the world as young adults with purpose.