Welcome to LuMin!


Join us for Worship and free home cooked Sunday supper to follow… every Sunday during the semester at 5:15pm. Resuming, January 20th! Enjoy winter break!

This Week’s Events

  • WEEKLY BE: WEEKLY BE is every Tuesday at 7. Food is provided. The back is usually a quiet place to study if you need it.
  • COFFEE w/ CALEB: Wednesday we will be going to the Wild Boar for coffee (or chai) and fellowship. For more info/time talk to Caleb.
  • HOUSING SYMPOSIUM: Pastor Paul and LCM are spearheading an effort to help housing insecure students. If you are passionate about social issues, come to a symposium February 21st at 2 to hear how LCM and CSU’s Office of Off-Campus Life are is working to address this issue.
  • BAKING BREAD: We are looking for students who would be willing to help bake our communion bread. Talk to Karey or Pastor Paul if you are interested!

Upcoming events

  • MARDI GRAS PANCAKE FEED: Come stop by LuMin from 5-9pm and eat some delicious pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, March 5. Plus for you hardcore Mardi Gras-ers there may or may not be King Cake. Come celebrate before the start of Lent!

Future events

  • LENT WORSHIP: We will be touring around the 4 Lutheran churches in Fort Collins for Wednesday night worship during the season of Lent. Soup Suppers provided! Check the LuMin website for the schedule.
  • URBAN SERVANT CORPS: Urban Servant Corps will be visiting us for worship on March 10th at 5:15pm. Join us!

More information or questions

  • Tell Peter to put you on the email list!
  • Join Paul for a cup of chai… he is buying!
  • Ask Petra at focolu@lcmcsu.org

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