Welcome to LuMin!

Join us for Worship and free home cooked Sunday supper to follow… every Sunday during the semester at 5:15pm.

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Interested in joining a Support Group? Here are our current groups…

  • Cooking – Leader: Zac

    • This support group is focused on the great art of cooking. Meeting twice a month, this group is designed to get you in the kitchen! Come join Zac as a variety of dishes from around the world will be made in the LCM kitchen along with music, fun, laughter, and burned food (most likely). Check the LuMin calendar for when this group meets.
  • Coffee – Leader: Caleb

    • The Scientific Revolution was born in coffee houses all over France and the UK. With a rich, dark history, coffee and tea are centers of culture everywhere.  This group aims to explore a slice of this amazing culture. Join Caleb on jaunts twice a month to discover the amazing coffee and tea houses of the city of Fort Collins. Check the LuMin calendar for when this group meets.
  • Movies – Leader: Cori

    • Popcorn. Soda. Lights. Camera. Action. Iconic stories. You like movies? Well, so do lots of other people. Covering a wide variety of genres, this group will both do in-house old favorites at LCM and exciting new releases at movie theaters. Come join this group as they explore the rich and varied history of cinema. Like exploding aliens? Have them. What about heartwarming stories? Got that too. Check the LuMin calendar for when this group meets.
  • Puzzles/Bubbles/Games – Leader: Petra

    • We get it. College is stressful. And frustrating. And sometimes all you want to do is relax and unwind like a child. Well, we got you covered. Join Petra (and Kyra!) to hang out and relax at LCM. If you want to crush people at your favorite board game, or just want some bubbles or some puzzles or anything else to suit your fancy, come join these great people. Check the LuMin calendar for when this group meets.
  • Bible Study – Leader: Walter

    • The whole point of LCM. Here to grow faith and inspire some discussions, LCM exists as a haven to all. As part of our ministry, we strongly believe in studying the Word of God. Ever heard of Habakkuk, Amos, Obadiah, or Micah? No? Despite not being famous, these minor prophets still speak the Wisdom of God. This group meets every Tuesdays at noon in the LSC to study these minor prophets.
  • Texting- Leader: Faith

    • Don’t got time? Want to still have a community to support you? Faith has got you covered. She will be providing check in’s and bible passages at least once a week, keeping you connected. When does this group meet, “Either never or always depending on how you look at it!”

If you’re not in one…you should be! Contact focolu@lcmcsu.org for how to join!

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