Welcome to LuMin!


Join us for Worship and free home cooked Sunday supper to follow… every Sunday during the semester at 5:15pm.

This Week’s Events

  • WEEKLY BE: The last WEEKLY BE is every Tuesday at 7. Food is provided. The back is usually a quiet place to study if you need it. If you want to watch a movie, game, etc. bring your console/DVD/board!
  • RIO GRANDE DINNER: We started the year at Rio Grande during out progressive dinner, so we’ll end the year at the Rio Grande. Meet at 6pm at LuMin to drive over. Food is provided.  

Upcoming events

  • CELEBRATING GRADUATES: May 12th is our last worship. It will be a jazz worship with a big band where we recognize those graduating. Join us in sending off these wonderful people!  
  • FINALS WEEK BUILDING SCHEDULE: The building will be open Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday from Noon-10pm. The internet will be up and running, the kitchen stocked with snacks, and sofas ready for napping. We will also have breakfast on Wednesday from 7am-11am. Come raise your blood glucose before your exams!
  • SUMMER PLANNING MEETING: Tuesday, May 14th at 7pm (during our open building time) we’ll meet to schedule our LuMin Summer Tuesdays. Come share your ideas!

Future events

  • AROUND THIS SUMMER? Waterworld, cribbage, rockies games, etc! Talk to Paul to be put on the list for summer time activities. Have an idea for an event? Tell him about that too!
  • LOVE LUMIN? We invite you to join our giving plan of $10/month for 10 years (that’s about 33 cents/a day). You can (of course) give cash, Venmo us @LuMin-CSU, or visit lcmcsu.org/donate to give. Can’t give $10? Offerings of all sizes are appreciated.

More information

More information or questions

  • Tell Peter to put you on the email list!
  • Join Paul for a cup of chai… he is buying!
  • Ask Petra at focolu@lcmcsu.org

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