All are weLCoMe!

Walking with young adults during a major transitional time when identities are discovered, questioned, and challenged...

and recalling our identity as children of God!

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Here is what's going on at LuMin
for college students.

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LuMin cares for college students who are housing insecure or homeless.

LuMin is a Reconciling in Christ community which values that all are welcome.

LuMin is a partnering community that serves with those of other faiths.

LuMin is an extended community of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

All are welcome into the life of the LuMin/Fort Collins Community. Even more, Lutheran Campus Ministry in Fort Collins works to: recognize, encourage, and support; walk with and stand up for, and; work to change systems, policies, and perceptions for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, ethnic backgrounds, class, citizenship status, or anyone who has been disenfranchised, oppressed, or marginalized. We do this in our own community, with the campuses where we serve, and in all the world. We are sent people of the resurrected Christ proclaiming love and working for healing.